Moss helps you use remote database servers in an easy way. It creates the right database url for your site and takes care of setting up your firewall on your behalf. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Add your web server

2. Add your database server

3. Create the database user on your database server

4. Create the database on your database server

5. Grant your database user permission on your database

6. Create your site on your web server

7. Choose the remote database and user you created in steps 3-4

8. Let Moss finish the process and you're done 😀

Some requirements that web and database servers must meet:

  • They must belong to the same workspace of your Moss account
  • They must belong to the same cloud/vps provider - you don't want your SQL queries travel throughout the Internet
  • They must belong to the same region/zone of the provider - there must be IP connectivity between them and, hopefully, low latency
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