So you want to create a website with Moss and check that it works, but you cannot update your DNS records at this moment... no problem!

You can browse your website using a domain name of the form <whatever>.<server.ip.address>

E.g. say the canonical domain name of your website is (or will be)  and your server's IP address is The IP address-based domain name could be The corresponding DNS query will resolve to IP address

You can either use such domain name as the root domain of your website, or you may add a domain alias. Note that if you created a new WordPress site with Moss using a different domain name, you must update your WordPress URI and Site URI accordingly (otherwise WordPress will redirect clients to the original domain name).

Once you're done, you can browse your website by typing the IP address-based domain name in your browser. Later on you might rename your website or, in case you added an alias, you can update or delete it at will.

In case you're curious about, you may take a look to our article on free wildcard DNS services.

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