Whenever you create a website with Moss you can choose the server user that will run such website. By using different users, you isolate (to some extent) the websites hosted on a same server in terms of performance and security. If you need to change such user at any moment, in this article we tell you how.

Create a new user

If the new user for your website already exists on the server, please skip this step. Otherwise, head to the 'Users' tab of your server and create the user you want.

Change the user of your website

Head to the 'Settings' tab of your website and click the 'Edit' button of the "System user" section. Then choose your new user and wait for Moss to finish the process.

Note that by changing the user, Moss is also changing the path of your website on the server. The base path moves from /home/<old-user>/sites/<site-name>/ to /home/<new-user>/sites/<site-name>/. Please take this into account if there are any application-level configs with hard-coded absolute paths (e.g. an Nginx basic auth config or PHP directives in .user.ini files).

Delete the old user (optional)

In case the old user doesn't run any other website and you don't need it anymore, you can safely remove it. You can do that from the 'Users' tab of your server.

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