Moss manages and may monitor every server you add to a workspace. To add a server, just click 'Add' -> 'Server':

In general, Moss supports two different use cases:

  • You can tell Moss to launch and configure a brand new server on any of the supported cloud providers.
  • You can tell Moss to import an existing server regardless the provider where it is hosted (provided Moss can reach the server via SSH).

In the first case you are creating a new server. For this to work, you must have an account on the supported provider and must give Moss some kind of credential to launch the server on your behalf.

In the second case, the server already exists and Moss logs into it to set up everything. This server might be an OVH VPS, a cloud instance, a physical machine at your office, or whatever. The only requirement at the moment is that the operating system must be a fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.04 or 16.04.

Depending on what you want to accomplish, please go to the article that better describes your use case:

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